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Why I have this blogg?
10 listopada 2018, 08:32

Hi guyss! 

I have this blog also to one grade in my school. If with time, anybody will read me guys, I can make this blog longer than to June. 

Wpis 2018-11-09, 12:24
09 listopada 2018, 12:30

Why I draw? When have I started do it? Why despite ugly draws I do it?

I draw since I was 3? I draw my all live! When I was child it wasn't problem when anything is not perfect. Why we think that everything must be beautiful! Guys, please do it to fun! Later, when I was 10, I say ''Wow it is not to bad''. I went to art club in school and with time drawing is easier!

What if we don't succeed in paintings?
03 listopada 2018, 15:20

How not to give up?

What if we do not draw many pictures - but they are not beautiful and we are not satisfied?

My dears, really, not every my picture is beautiful. Sometimes I have time when everything is easier, but sometimes I can't draw one, normal head! We have too big expectations! When we start drawing, NOTHING will be ideal. I was started when I was child, I couldn't make straight line, but I was also child, and I knew that drawing is also to fun, over time I was looking to my new pictures and I said: 'Wow! I see progress''. I luck you the same, bye ! <3

When will be next posts??
10 września 2018, 06:40

Hi guuys!

I also want say to you, that every post will be added on Saturday at 10:00 am c;,

Waiting with impatience, bye ❤

How a school can help you discover a hobby?...
08 września 2018, 08:45

How a school can help you discover a hobby? My artistic adventure.

All my childhood I drew, drew and I was watching fairy tales. I went to kindergarten at the age of 5, I know that it is late, but my mother doesn't work and I won't go there. When I was in kindergarden I said my mum ''Mum, I don't like this place! I went there to study, no play with children!''

Yeah... one year later I went to the first class grade of elementary school, there I had uncool teacher for me. All 1-3 classes she say ''Why I can't draw as my friends?'' ''Why I do everything bad?'' Yeah... School can both destroy everything and help develop. I was VERY happy when I went to 4 class, it was beautiful. I was afraid first art lesson... I gave teacher picture showing the previous holidays, and I heard ''Beutiful!'', I was confused, I thanked. In end of this year I I had the only one of my class ( 25 people ) 6 from art at the end! 

It is everything what I want say to you today,

Please don't pay attention to the mistakes of others, if you are trying to do something, do it further, bye!